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Bella 2006
Levi's first birthday
A Charming Goldens True Fairy Tale 

Once Upon a Time . . . I married the man of my dreams. He is good-looking, intelligent, a charming southern gentleman. He is my Prince Charming.  With Ed’s support I have had the joy of raising, rescuing, placing, and showing Goldens.

We live on a 170 acre farm perfect for all the dogs we share our home with, and absolute heaven for the dogs to run and play. The name of our farm is Meadowlark Farm. We have owned Golden Retrievers for twenty five years.

It all started with one mixed golden someone left in our pen. Her name was Baby Doll. She was perfect. We loved the breed so much we bought a registered Golden. We named him Beau.  Through a dropped off rescue, we had found the breed we would always love. Within 2 years we had Buckwheat. During this time we lost our toy poodle at the age of 18. I was devastated. In search of a new dog, I bought a Maltese, we named her Precious. I enrolled her in a puppy class and a many new worlds opened as a result. . . more. . .
The Harman Family
Ed, Karen, Precious, Bella and Levi
Levi and sister Piper in class
Bella 2006
Levi and Bella
Precious and Levi
BELLA PLAYINGCharming goldens-  Precious -  Our maltese - 18 yrsLEVIS FAORIT PLACE TO HIDE UNDERChance and our neiceNOW lEVI IS GROWING UP AND NOT ENOUGH ROOM FOR TWOOne Tired Puppy!
We were good!!!!!

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