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BOW - 2010

Levi BOW - Aug 2010
Major win!
Junior handler with Levi -  Best Of Winners

Group 3 win
 - Jan 2011
Levi BOW - Lenny
June 6 2010
Levi WD - Aug 2010
Levi WD Sept 2010
Levi winning Group 4
- April 2011
Levi Reserve - Apr 2010
Levi group 4 win
 - Apr 2011
Levi WD - Sept 2010
Levi with karen Livinston
Levi WD2 - Aug 2010
Levi has been an amazing first show dog!  He is the epidomy of the Golden Retriever, and at every show he was happy to be there, with whichever handler he got the love and care from that day. Thanks go to Maxie Bowen, Clint Livingston, Karen Livingston, Zackery Slater, Amy Walker and the handlers shown in these photos.
Levi BOW with Karen Livinston

GCH Windjammer Goldens Tight Fitting Jeans BN RN JH WC VC                Levi's Pedigree link
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 Best of Winners with Maxie

Winning Best of Breed
We are so pleased to announce that Levi has earned His Junior Hunt Title.

 A huge thank you to Ron and Julie Bell for a great Job in training Levi.   

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