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 Levi x Ziva puppies
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Golden Retriever puppies Carrollton, GA | Golden Retrievers Atanta Area

The Jeans Litter and their Families
Bear And the Reynolds Family
Charlie and the Vanns
Dexter and Dale and Bob
Jake and Mike and Cathy Sutte
Max and Paul and Mary Shrank
Niner and Paul and Caroline Doucette
Piper and the Easons

AmGCH CH, Int CH Windjammer Goldens Tight Fitting Jeans BN RN WC VC JH
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IABCA CH Crescent NCIS Special Agent RN CCA
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The car litter born on January 29
Levi x Ziva
7 boys and 2 ladies.
The Dance Litter. And their new Families
The Greer's - Ginger
Heidi Jobe - Stella
Sandi. Hanna - Oliver
The  Bennett's - May
The  Enaults - Remy
The Deisen's - Molly
The Duffey's - Sunney
The Reynolds - Honey
The Ross's - Cody
Golden Retriever Puppies & Stud Service - Carrollton, GA 
Levi X Blush
Ziva's Previous litters and Families
Shell Brown and Lincoln
The Bucks and Jack
Ryan Smith and Ryder
Ginger Smith and Rudy
 Barbara Agee and Bentley
Julia Bottcher Family and Jackson
Dave and Maureen Clapperton and Molly
Barbara Davis and Sally
James Capp and Chuck
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Xcelerate Kaleo Pretty In Pink.
Pointed. RN,CGC,CCA
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AmGCH CH, Int CH Windjammer Goldens 
Tight Fitting Jeans BN RN WC VC JH
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Upcoming Litters
Past Litters

Blush x Levi.   The sitcom Litter!  Happy families with their puppies! 
Rosemary & Charles Demarco and Sunny
Tracy and Kathy Roberts and Larry
Katie and Josh Korman and Sophia
Meredith Jamieson and Kirby
Liz Linter and Remey
Laura and Chad Smith
and Tripper
Paul Shrank and Maggie
Blush x Levi.            The Sayings Litter 
TIm and Barbara Scully  with Candy
ALan and Jill Binkley with Sidney
Andrew and Emily Dwyer with Chevy
The DiPasqua family and Luca
The Love song Litter. And their new Families
Amos and Gus
Anne and Sadie
Julianne and Barkley
Julianne and Cobie
Me and Steve and Rodney
Sherry and Duffy
The Sutters and Lulu with Jake

The Paris Litter and their new Families
The Blush Litter and their new Families.
Colter and Kaitlin and Darcy
Faith and Dave Szinks and family and Gracie
Hunter and Morgan and Frankie
Jody and Tom Putnam and Kody
Sherry Miller and Jack
Stephen and Melisa and Karmel
Geeta and Isabella
Cathy Gondek and Bella
Past Litters
The Western Litter (Secret x Crush) and their new Families.
Born Jan 10, 2021
The 80s Movie Litter (Kara x Ranger) and their new Families.
Born Jan 14, 2021
The Motown Litter (Secret x Crush) and their new Families
Born July 27, 2021
The City Litter (Secret x Crush) and their new Families.
Born Jan 28, 2020
The Barki's and Chilli
Ryan and Millie